We deal in yarn and woven fabrics only.

Synthetic Yarn of:
Polyester/Rayon Blends, 100% Viscose Rayon, Polynosic, Polyester/ Cotton, Viscose Rich

Greige Goods
Greige fabric in various compositions and weaves:
100% Cotton, Polyester/Cotton, CVC, Cotton/Spandex, Spun Rayon, 100% Polyester
Polyester/Cotton Carbon Yarn

Finished Fabric

Cotton Prints
Reactive print in various cotton material for both apparel and non apparel products.
Pigment prints in various polyester cotton fabric.

Fully combed denim top and botton weights denim stretch, denim slubs, denim special coats.

Denims in Various Compositions
100% Cotton, Cotton/Rayon/Spandex, Cotton/Rayon/Polyester/Spandex

Polyester Cotton
Twills, poplins, lawn, and tussor.

Yarn Dyed Fabric
Cotton, Polyester/Cotton, Polyester/Acrylic/Rayon,  seer-sucker weaves and
dobby weaves

Nylon Taffeta

Nylon Cotton
70% Cotton / 30% Nylon in 6 different qualities

Polyester Microfiber
12 varieties with special finishes

Challies dobby weave

Tetoron / Rayon
Fiber dyed material in various twill, poplin, plain, dobby weaves, fiber dyed for slacks, skirts, jackets with lycra also available on 30/2,40/2,50/2 counts, piece dyed material

Linen Mix

Stretch Fabrics
All woven material available in various weaves: canvas, herringbone, poplin, satin, twill one way spandex, two way spandex.